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Tree Pruning 101

Anybody looking to make an investment in their yard should consider pruning their trees. Regular tree pruning encourages strong growth, brings out your trees natural beauty and keeps it healthy. When a tree is pruned properly, no deadwood is present, and sunlight can pass through the tree canopy all the way to the ground. This is a small investment that can lead to a lifetime of benefits.

How often a tree will need to be pruned can vary widely depending on the size, type, age and health of the tree. Typically, most mature trees will need to be pruned every three to five years while a younger tree will need to be pruned every two to three years.

Why Should I Prune My Trees?

The number one incentive for most people to prune their trees is the newfound look and aesthetics of a freshly pruned tree. Although this may be a great incentive to prune your trees, there are numerous other great advantages to tree pruning.

Pruning your trees could be compared to going to the barber and getting your hair trimmed. Trimming your hair removes dead ends and promotes healthier hair. Likewise, pruning your trees will promote new growth and leave your tree in a healthier state. This will in turn allow your tree to grow much faster with a healthy future.

A freshly pruned tree will consume less water than a tree that is out of control. A tree that absorbs less water will have tremendous positive effects on issues with dry spots such as grass not growing around the tree. If there are nearby buildings or structures, a dry spot can also lead to a cracked foundation.

Massive implications can occur when an out-of-control tree is near your home or building. This can lead to damage to the structure from the branches of the tree growing into it. During instances of high winds this can cause major damage (especially during the storms and hurricanes that tend to take place in southern Louisiana).

Should I Hire A Professional To Prune My Trees?

Tree pruning is a dangerous task. In fact, the chance of injury for tree care professionals is three times higher than for those in the police or fire industries. When a homeowner attempts to prune their trees on their own with insufficient tools and knowledge it can end up deadly.

Arborists have the necessary equipment and training to properly prune a tree. A helmet, safety glasses and climbing gear is a must to get the job done properly. For certain projects, a man lift may be needed to get to those hard-to-reach areas.

In general, chainsaws are dangerous tools. If you’re not trained on how to properly use a chainsaw, the risks escalate drastically. Many homeowners end up with stitches and missing limbs from attempting a project with a chainsaw on their own. Limbs are not to be mistaken with limbs on a tree, we’re talking arms and legs.

Furthermore, imagine if a large branch crashed down on your roof – or your neighbors’ roof – during tree pruning. Will you be protected? A reputable tree service will carry liability insurance which protects you and your property form damage along with workers compensation insurance, which protects the tree care professionals on the job.

With all of this in mind, we’d highly recommend hiring a professional to prune your trees. Without the knowledge of an arborist, you may end up with a botched-up tree in your yard – or worse, a missing limb.

Why Should I Choose A Cajun Tree Cutters To Prune My Trees?

Tree pruning isn’t just a job, it’s an art. At A Cajun Tree Cutters we consider ourselves artists whose canvas is your trees. We take pride in leaving your yard clean after a prune and are sure to protect any nearby shrubs, bushes or flowers while working. We have ample knowledge on the proper ways to get the job done with over 17 years of experience. We are also fully insured with licensed arborists on staff.

We go through rigorous consultation with our clients to get a full understanding of exactly what is wanted so that you’re sure to be pleased with our service. The standard we use is to trim the minimum amount, consult with our client and trim more if needed. We never over trim because we are fully aware that we cannot put the branches back once they are cut.


To sum it all up, pruning your trees is a small investment that can lead to a lifetime of benefits. You will be glad you did it and your trees will surely thank you for it.

We also highly recommend that you hire a professional with the proper knowledge and equipment to take care of your trees. At A Cajun Tree Cutters we are dedicated to providing you with the best tree care in the business. Feel free to reach out below for a free quote.

"Safety and customer satisfaction is our priority at A Cajun Tree Cutters. We are a fully insured business with licensed arborists on staff. I am confident that we will be able to meet your needs and beyond."

- Dirk Richard, Owner

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